Mini Fest

Mini Fest

MiniFest is a fun musical experience for children that adults will love too!

With original songs written especially to stimulate young imaginations and encourage physical activity, played by the brilliant Artful Playground Band, you are treated to a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Rock and Roll, to Gypsy Jazz, to Rap! Even though it’s all aimed at children, packed with educational themes and ideas, there really is something for everyone. And just in case that’s not enough we have thrown in some old favourites too!

Minifest will have family members of all ages up on their feet having a lovely, jolly, musical party together!

So bring your Mini ones and get some festival vibes and we’ll do the steam train conga ‘till we drop!

Upcoming Events

Book Mini Fest at Your Venue

Mini Fest brings everyone together through music and fun, bring something special to your event or party by bringing Mini Fest with you!

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